Friday, December 4, 2009

Steamboat Session !

Finally had a steamboat gathering with The Link Girls at Chin Huat Seafood. The food was great but I didn't manage to eat much due to my small appetite, hehe. The girls treated me to the feast as a small token for my birthday. (:

So since I stopped eating earlier than them, I became their camera-man. =D

Chin Huat Seafood (Y)

Go steamboat eat maggi. LOL !

Before heading for steamboat, Renee, Malbit, Him* and me headed to AMK for the 2 guys to challenge each other for pool while Renee and me waited and watch them play. As expected, Malbit got trashed pretty badly by Him*, LOL.
I thought yesterday was the best day for Him* and me because that was the only day we did not have any conflict, and guess what? It started again today, ROARS !

But at least, now I think I can tell myself what I feel for him already, a good thing I supposed?

I passed my 3 UTs so far, and hopefully the other 2 is a pass too ! Can't wait for holiday tocome boy !

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