Saturday, January 30, 2010

The first post in 2010.

My last post was more than a month ago, hahahahahaha ! Why am I so lazy ?! Might as well just close down my blog yeah? =/

So many things happened within the past one month, and I really do not know how to type them out in words now.

I can only conclude that 2010 will definitely not be a good year for me, and I can sense that there will be more to come. BOO ! I certainly wish that my instincts are wrong and hope that things can get better though.

Things went wrong on the very first day of 2010, how positive can I be?

Oh yeah, he popped out out of nowhere again and said sentimental stuff to me, making me confused for a moment, but I guess I have to know what I want and to avoid confusions, I told him that it's best not to contact anymore. Moreover, I need to be fair to my current BF right?

I admit at times I will find myself in dilemma still, thinking whether if I've made the right choice? Will I regret after that? Why is it that everytime when I want to move on, he will pop out again and emotionally stop me from moving on? Ahh, but fuck that, I've already pick my choice and I should just live with it and time will tell. I believe in fate, what's yours will be yours.

Oh yes, my shopping addictions are back again, oh god ! It seems that I can never have enough of it. I need help, before I end up eating grass and soil. One more week and holiday is here again, weeeee !

How did your 2010 went so far? (:

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